Add Your Team's Roster Online

Directions for adding your roster to the ISTS program

  1. You must be a USSSA registered team for the new season. If not, you may register with your local USSSA Director, State Director or on-line at
  2. Upon registering you must give your email address to receive a Manager Log In ID # and a password. This will be sent to you from the National Office. You will not be able to add your roster without this info. If you do not have this, contact Give her your team sanction number and she will give you the # and password.
  3. Log in to the ISTS program with your Log In ID# and password and add your player’s names and birth dates.
  4. Print your roster from here, have all your player’s sign the roster and this can be turned into the Tournament Director at your USSSA tournaments.
  5. Upon qualifying for a State, National or World Tournament your roster will be frozen and you must go through Brenda Paulson to add or release any players from your roster. Any roster releases must be given to the appropriate Director as well.

After receiving your Log In # and Password

Go to Click on the sport your team plays. On the left side menu you will see a link that says “Log In/Log Out.” Click on “Log In.” You will see your team listed in the middle of the page. Highlight the team name by clicking on it if it’s not already highlighted. Below that there is an option that says “Roster Adds and Updates.” Click in the circle next to it and click - “Submit.” An affidavit page will display. After reading the page, click on “I agree.” This will bring you to the page where you enter your roster. In the “Add player” box - type in the player’s first name, last name and then date of birth. Click - “Add Player.” On the next page you will be required to select the player’s State. Save Player. Click - “View Team” to enter your next player.

Note: Make sure that you enter player birth dates in this format - 4/25/1996. If a player’s name has an apostrophe in it, leave it out. Do not add quotes to names.

Guest Players

(NEW 2018)


1. Teams that earn a berth with Guest Players on their roster will be deemed qualified. The Guest Players will NOT be frozen to the team’s roster, only players on their permanent roster will be considered for freezing at the appropriate time. 

2. Events will be designated if they accept Guest Players based upon their Stature. All events will allow this process with the following stature exceptions:

a. State Tournament 

b. World Series 

c. National Championships 

3. Guest Player Application System will be disabled for an event 24 hours prior to the Start Date of the event has happened.

4. Guest Player Eligibility Guidelines a. Guest Player Eligibility is determined based up on the current roster of the Guest Player and the Age/Division the team Applying for Guest Players is playing in.

   i. A/Open Division Events: All Players that are Age Eligible for that Division are available for Guest Playing. 

   ii. B Division Events: Only players rostered on a team of the Age/Division of the tournament class and below can be used.

          1. Any Age Eligible Players that are rostered on teams older than the tournament class are NOT eligible to participate in B Division Event. (Example for a 14B tournament: Any player that is age eligible for 14U but is rostered on a 16U or 18U team is ineligible as a Guest Player for a 14U B Division Event.) 

          2. Any players rostered on a younger age division team will be allowed to participate as Guest Players in a B Division Event. (Example for a 14B tournament: Any player aged 12U and down is eligible for 14U B Division Event.) 

       iii. C Division Events: Only players rostered on another C Division team can be used as guest players regardless of the age. (Example for a 14C tournament: Any player that is rostered on a 13U, 12A, 12B, 11U, 10A, or 10B team is ineligible to be a Guest Player).

   b. Guest Players are used to help field a team and are not a mechanism to enhance the competitive balance of a team.

        i. A/Open Divisions

            1. Teams can have a total of 20 Active and Guest Players on their roster for an event.

                a. A team may designate players as Inactive for a particular event. That player will be considered temporarily removed from the roster and will be ineligible to participate with that team during the event. 

        ii. B & C Divisions

               1. A team cannot use a Guest Player if their roster has 15 or more active players on their roster.

                       a. A team may designate players as Inactive for a particular event. That player will be considered temporarily removed from the roster and will be ineligible to participate with that team during the event. 

               2. If a team has less than 15 active players, they can add Guest Players up to 15 total players on their roster including Active and Guest Players. 

c. Players that are NOT on a current season USSSA roster will NOT be eligible as a Guest Player. Anyone that is not on a current USSSA roster simply can be added to your team roster to be eligible. 

d. Guest Players are only eligible to participate as a Guest Player for one team at a time. Players will be blocked from being used as a Guest Player for an additional team for the duration of their guest playing event (Start Date to End Date). 

e. If a Guest Player’s original team registers for an event after being approved as a guest player she will be deleted as a guest player and the Original Team will be required to de-activate her before she can be used as a guest player. 

f. If the Pick-Up Team moves divisions and moves to a division that would deem the Guest Player illegal, she will be removed. 

Guest Player Eligibility is determined by the Age/Class of the Division the team is ENTERED into for an event.

Guest Player Application Process

1. Team will log-in to their Team Management site. 

2. Selecting the Event, they will have a section to first designate any players on their roster as Inactive (if needed). 

3. Guest Player Application section will pre-populate the number of slots they are eligible to use. 

4. Manager will search for the team they are adding the player from. 

5. After the team is selected, players will be listed to choose from. When the player is selected, the Manager then will submit the application for that player to be a Guest Player.. 

6. The system will evaluate the player's eligibility and availability and report back with the following options:

       a. Approved (Emails generated to both Managers, Guardian, and State Director) 

       b. Denied - Ineligible for Class (no emails sent) 

       c. Denied - Player is currently Active in Another Event (no emails sent) 

7. During the Event (Between Event Start Date and End Date) players will be displayed on the roster in the following structure:

       a. Rostered Players (those currently active on the roster) 

       b. Inactive Players (those that are on the roster but flagged inactive) 

       c. Guest Players (Only APPROVED Guest Players for that event. 

8. At the conclusion of the event, Inactive players will be reinstated to the roster and Guest Players will be removed.

       a. Guest Players will be displayed on the Team Management side and will be visible to the State Director after the event has concluded. 


Guest Player Notification Procedure

Once a Player is approved, an email will be sent to the following individuals regarding the Guest Playing application: 

1. Guardian of the Guest Player 

2. Applying Team Manager 

3. Player’s Original Rostered Team Manager 

4. State Director 

5. Tournament Director 


If a Player is REMOVED as a guest player by the system (due to original team registering for an event or Pick-Up Team moving to a division she is considered illegal) all parties will be notified that Player has been deleted as a Guest Player.