Team Registration

  • Team membership fee is $30 if team registers through the State Director or Tournament Director. Teams may also register directly the USSSA National website for $35 with direct payment on the website.
  • Registration is for one season beginning August 1st through July 31st.
  • Team Managers must register their teams based upon the age group - ages of players and skill level at which they are capable of playing competitively. (All teams are subject to re-classification.)
  • Teams must enter team roster on the USSSA National website upon registration. This needs to be completed before participating in any USSSA sanctioned event.

Team Classification & Frozen/Locked Rosters

  • Teams are classified on skill level, not school district
  • Rosters of a minimum of 9 players will be locked after entered online
  • Roster Manager locks rosters to ensure fairness, consistency and proper team classification.
  • A team may add or drop players with approval of Roster Manager
  • A team can be re-classified anytime during season.
  • Most tournaments for Odd Year Age groups are "open" tournaments, but these teams have "A" and "B" classifications when playing in Even Year Age groups - based upon talent level of players and previous team classification.
    • Classification may also be used for selecting pools in Odd Year Age group tournaments and follows same general guidelines for "A" or "B" classification.
    • If roster has more than 3 players who have been on an "A" roster during the current season, as well as 2 previous years, team is not allowed to play Class "B".
  • "A" level teams are any team that has the higher skill level to complete in Class "A" Division of the National Tournament.
  • "B" level teams may lack the experience and number of skilled players and pitchers to compete on a National level with higher skilled Class "A" teams.
    • Class "B" teams are allowed up to 3 former Class "A" players. Only 1 of those 3 can be a former Class "A" pitcher.
    • Adding an "A" player to an already strong "B" team may result in a reclassification to "A" for the entire season.
  • The Girls' Fastpitch Class "C" program is limited to any team that might have limited tournament experience and has no more than 2 former Class "B" players and no former Class "A" players.

Frozen & Locked Rosters

  • A team must have their roster on the ISTS within a few days upon registration and all rosters must be verified by the State Office.
  • Should any team without a roster on the USSSA web site enter a tournament they may be removed from said tournament by either the Tournament Director or the State Director. 
  • Rosters will remain unlocked up until March 1st, 2017. After that date, only the State Office will have access to make any changes to your teams' roster. You will be allowed multiple changes to your roster as long as the players meet the age/class requirements to play in that program.
  • All rosters will be frozen on July 1st for those teams that have qualified for a National Championship. After the July 1 date, teams are allowed to add or delete up to 3 players from their frozen roster. Any additions to your team's roster must be approved by the State Office.
  • This also includes teams that qualified in the Fall and Winter months for the National Championship.

Team Insurance

  • Contact the Tournament Director to determine if the Illinois tournament in question has an automatic team medical insurance program.
  • An Affordable Team Insurance program offers a discount for 6 teams or more that purchase the insurance. Teams do not have to be in the same league, age group, etc.; only have to be purchased at the same time.
  • Recreational League Insurance for non-travel teams that only play in leagues has a $500 deductible on medical and secondary coverage for 5 months only.

National Championship Eligibility

  • National Championship tournaments to include: 6U T-Ball & 7U & 8U Coach/Pitch, 7U & 8U Machine Pitch, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 18U and Women’s
  • Guarantee of 5 games for all World Series play with 3 games of pool play and double elimination. Exception: Women’s division is a 4 game guarantee.
  • Any team may participate outside their geographical area in National Championship tournaments.
  • Once a team qualifies for the National Championship, no other tournament progression is required except all teams must participate in an Illinois State Tournament. 
    • If they cannot participate in their own age level they may play in a higher age/class State Tournament.
    • Exception: No State Tournament is required to enter the Women’s World Series.
  • There is a Class “C” State Tournament but teams do not have to play in the State Tournament to attend the National Championship but must play in an Illinois Class "C" tournament prior to a National Championship. 
  • This is a restricted program and any team that does not meet the requirements will not be allowed to participate.
  • 16U Class “A” and 18U Class “A” and “B” – If a problem scheduling a season to include 3 Illinois USSSA tournaments occurs, the team can still participate in the National Championship if it participates in an Illinois USSSA State Tournament only. 
    • Weekends are limited due to Exposure Events and we want to be accommodating.
    • The 16A teams maybe also play in the 18U Open or Class “A” State Tournaments to fulfill this obligation. Note: This is not for the 16U “B” teams, only Class “A”.
  • USSSA sanctioned leagues may qualify league Champions to the National Championship if a minimum of 2 USSSA tournaments is played and one of these is a State Tournament.
  • Host teams of a USSSA qualifier can advance to the National Championship if they participate in at least 2 more Illinois USSSA tournaments and one of these is a State Tournament.
  • Teams qualifying in Fall/Winter tournaments may advance the following season to their respective National Championship if they participate in at least 2 more Illinois USSSA tournaments, including a State Tournament.
  • At Large berths, or bids, in each class and age group will be awarded to the teams that have played in at least 3 Illinois USSSA sanctioned tournaments, including 1 Illinois State Tournament.
    • This is for teams to better prepare themselves for attending a National Championship.
    • If a team does not qualify by winning a tournament or receiving a passed down berth, it can still prepare by playing in the required amount of tournaments.